The Resting Place
Friday, February 27, 2015
Authentic Church
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Joshua Christmas, Carrie Christmas, Jasmine Christmas Brady, JonMichael Brady, Nick Christmas
Daughter, Jasmine Christmas Brady currently serves as the music director and worship leader of The Resting Place.  She is also a very accomplished singer / songwriter and new wife of JonMichael Brady who also serves as percussionist for the praise and worship team at The Resting Place.   For more information about Jasmine, and to hear samples of her music, visit her on Myspace.

The Christmas Family



Kent and Candy have three children of their own as well as a daughter-in-law and new son-in-law.


Oldest, Josh lives in Jackson, TN with his wife Carrie where he is a testimony to God's grace.  He is involved in a ministry working with men struggling with homosexuality.  His testimony is amazing and powerful.

"My passion is to help the church become a place of safety, refuge, and support for those struggling with unwanted homosexuality. After all, the Church is where I, among many others, have found healing. Our culture is telling youth, men, and women to accept and embrace their homosexual struggles as their identity, while the church has remains silent. We are living in a time where sin is not only being tolerated, but it is being celebrated. We as Christians have an amazing chance to stand up for what is righteous, love people no matter how tattered and broken they are and open our hearts to them, and be the body that Christ means for us to be."

Youngest son, Nicholas has already heard the call of the ministry on his life.  He is currently a Sophomore in high school.  He is a walking, talking testimony to the miraculous nature of God.  Born very premature, he was not supposed to live and if he did, would certainly be severely affected.  Today, Nick is a bright, intelligent young man of God who is strong in his faith and convictions.